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Daryl Kelly is an award winning artist born in 1982 in the West Indies to English parents. Educated in England he now lives and works in Barbados.

Emanating from his mixed cultural influences his work is one that embodies both dichotomy and social commentary.  Key influences stem from a youth growing up in the urban English town of Southend-on-Sea, to adulthood living in the West Indies.

From a fine art schooling in the methods of classical painting his work primarily reflects the vibrancy of the Caribbean. And his chosen media of acrylic on canvas is a natural choice for his richly coloured and textual paintings. 

The artist's earlier work focuses on scenes inspired by his dwellings and the rich fabric of island life. Whilst more recent figurative work depicts the frenetic scenes of modern life.

In direct contrast his abstract paintings and design work answer an inner need to express his environment in a much more simplistic and purist way, whilst still embodying the influences of the Caribbean.


Barbados based artist

Acrylic on Canvas

Drawing & Prints

Mixed Media 

3D Works / Sculpture

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